Advice & Rules



PersonalItems.jpg - small       Personal Items

These must be carried on your person,  i.e. keys, wallets, purse, mobile etc. as there are no storage facilities available at the venue – Christmas themed clothing will add to the atmosphere - and comfortable shoes should be worn


Register.png - small     Volunteer Register

You must register at the “Sign-in” Desk at the entrance to the venue where you can collect your name tag - Once you have been allocated a job, please do not vacate that position without referring the matter to a Committee Member - (Orange t- shirt with the  J.F.C.L. logo)


NoPersonalDetails.png - small     Personal Details

Under no circumstance are you to give any personal details to our guests i.e. no surname; no phone number; no email address; no place of employment etc.


AnyProblems.png - small     Any problems

i.e. injuries or difficulties with a guest  -  Report immediately to a team leader or Committee Member (Orange t- shirt with the  J.F.C.L. logo)


SafetyConscious.png - small     Safety

Be safety conscious at all times – spills on the floor should be wiped up immediately


Nomoney.png - small    Money

Please do not give any money ($s) to guests.  Should a guest insist on making a donation, advise a Committee Member and a receipt will be issued prior to the guest leaving the function


NoAdvice.png - small        Advice

Please do not give any advice to our guests – Please treat our guests with respect and courtesy - This day is not used as a religious, political or socio economic platform

Host.png - small     If you're hosting a table - You are a listener

Introduce your guests to each other A cool drink should be offered to your guest once they are seated at the table

  • Ask each guest to break a BON-BON with the person next to them as this simple gesture can “break the ice” between guests.
  • Encourage conversation throughout the lunch
  • Waiters will serve meals and drinks
  • Please ensure that you have a meal placed before you when your guests are eating
  • As your guests leave the lunch please direct them to the ‘rainbow room’ to select their Christmas gift
  • Organise to have your table quickly cleared of rubbish


Transport.png - small     Transport

Some guests with special needs may require transport - either locally or to the Sutherland Railway Station.   Our Bus driver manager - Ian (Orange t- shirt with the  J.F.C.L. logo) should be advised a.s.a.p.



KitchenVolunteers.png - small     Kitchen Volunteers

  • Gloves will be supplied and should be worn at all times when handling food.  Long hair to be tied back.

  • Aprons are provided and should be worn at all times whilst on “Kitchen Duty”
  • Kitchen manager (Orange t- shirt with the  J.F.C.L. logo) will address any relevant kitchen queries


NoPhotos.jpg - small     Photos

Photographs of Santa with children and their parents can ONLY be taken by our appointed volunteer – Under our privacy regulations - NO OTHER PHOTOGRAPHS are to be taken